Messenger Bulk Action Design Proposal



Empower members to take control of their inbox, find the conversations that matter & keep things organized.
The Challenge:

Linkedin Messenger presents a unique use case.  Members use Linkedin for both instant messaging type chat and for formal 'email' type communications.  Keeping coversations organzed & finding important messages in a timely fashion can be difficult.
"Please can you make it easier to delete message in your own inbox, it's time consuming to have to individually select to delete a message. Could you also make it possible to be able to delete all messages rather than with Inmail only having the option to archive thanks."

Human Resources Professional
Career Builder


What Members are Saying:

Sentiment collected by Product Operations, Product Marketing & User Research revealed the following themes:

Efficiency: Delete multiple messages at once
Organization: Arrange your inbox to your unique needs
Reference: Use keyword search to reference specific messages within a conversation

From this analysis, I created 4 member personas and defined their Inbox Management experiences with customer journey maps.